We are personally dedicated to your investment property needs.

Our property management team offers professional, full-service management to property owners interested in leasing their houses or condominiums.

We offer rental and leasing property management services for your residential single family home, condominium, multi-family home and commercial property. With professional property managers located in our Seattle, Kirkland, and Tacoma offices, we are prepared to work with you in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties in Washington State. Contact one of our friendly brokers for a complimentary, in-depth consultation regarding your investment property's full potential in today's leasing market.

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Windermere Property Management has a comprehensive approach to marketing your property, to provide you with the most qualified potential candidates

Our property management team offers professional, full-service management of your residential, multi-family or commercial property.


Property Marketing

Finding & vetting tenants for your property

Property leasing

1st months rent collection

Security deposit collection

Rent collection

Security deposit holding in trust

Move-in condition inspection

Field repair requests

Organize & schedule vendors

Payment of invoices from owner account

Accounting services to track income and expenses

Move out inspections

Organize security deposit return to tenant per state & municipal laws


Property Marketing

Finding & vetting tenants

Property leasing

1st months rent collection

Security deposit collection

Lease Enforcement

Online Presence

Annual Budgeting

Property Valuation

Facility Inspection


Property Marketing

Finding & vetting tenants

Property leasing

Rent collection

Security deposit collection

What are our clients saying?

Gunny Sodhi

Ann Lopez goes above and beyond what is required of her. When you are working with Ann you can rest assured that your best interests are taken care of and the work that is to be performed will be completed. We worked with Ann for over two years managing our properties and it was an incredibly smooth and efficient process. She always made herself available to take calls and talk through any issues that arose. I would highly recommend Ann to anyone looking for top-notch property management.

Lauren Lyons

Ann Lopez was wonderful to work with. She's fast, efficient, communicative, and if there are barriers, she finds creative ways to resolve them quickly.

Gary Arundy

I am very happy I chose Christy Rice to manage my rentals. Her team does an excellent job at communicating both to owners and my tenants; maintenance and repairs are done in a timely manner with very detailed reports as to what was done. Their pricing is very fair. Above all, Christy finds really good tenants who respect my property and pay their rent on time. Their background checks are especially thorough. That makes everyone happy.

Audrey E

We recently contacted Christy Rice for rental property....she was great to work with. Me and my wife were really impressed the way details were explained and would highly recommend her.

Chris Chan

Christy Rice is the best PM we have ever worked with. She was a primary reason to stay in the property for another year - we didn't want to work with anyone else.

Kim Vance

I've been a home owner for the past 25 years. I never thought I would be a landlord and lease my beautiful family home, but this past summer that seemed like the best solution for my current situation. I respect and appreciate the service I received working with Christy Rice. I found her to be knowledgeable, available for any/all questions and relaxed to work with while still being professional. As a first timer in the world of leasing, she was very helpful in easing my stresses. She found me an excellent tenant that is a wonderful match for my home. I felt she did a great job marketing my home and provided exceptional protection for both parties signing the lease with her thorough documentation (via filming) of the walk thru of the condition of the home at lease signing. I can see how this will help eliminate any conflicts at the end of the lease when it is time to evaluate the deposit. I also signed a leased on a condo, and having been thru that process, I wish the leasing agent on that end had provided the quality of service that I received with Christy. I highly recommend Christy Rice!

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JMW Group | Windermere Property Management offers a wide range of rental options for tenants. We operate in King, Snohomish and Pierce Counties with offices in both Seattle and Kirkland to help renters find their homes for the next year, or a lifetime.

Windermere Property Management has a comprehensive approach to marketing your
property, to provide the best exposure to the most qualified potential tenants.

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