City of Seattle Notice of Rental Application Criteria Requirements

The following information is provided in compliance with The City of Seattle's First In Time Ordinance: RCW 59.18.257 and applies to all properties within City limits

The submission of this application is required to screen a prospective tenant and you will be asked to acknowledge that you have reviewed this information in it's entirety during the application process. The fee is $47 per applicant, payable only with a credit or debit card. Any prospective tenant 18 years of age and above that will live in the rental unit must apply. The application is considered complete when all proposed occupants 18 years and older have applied and each application includes all the required information stated in this notice. We do not accept comprehensive reusable tenant screening reports and require the entire application be filled out via Alliance 2020. You must respond to any information requests from the Property Manager within 72 hours. If your application is approved for tenancy, you must accept or deny the offer in writing within 48 hours of receiving notification from Windermere Property Management.

  • All proposed tenants must provide a copy of a valid photo ID (military ID, Passport, State Issued Driver's license or State issued ID cards are acceptable forms)
  • Must be be able to provide verification of favorable residence history for the prior 24 months
  • Provide current verification of employment and proof of salary/wages to meet listed income ratio
  • Provide eviction history (if applicable)
  • Provide sex offender registration (if applicable)
  • Provide details on any pets that will live in unit (if applicable)
  • Letter of verification of employment from employer to include salary/wages.
  • Recent pay stubs from verifiable employer.
  • Copies of most recent tax returns for self-employed applicants
  • Proof of regular investment earning income.
  • Proof of recurring social security income or other form of governmental rental supplement.
  • Any additional verifiable sources of income that applicant wishes to disclose for us to consider.

When considering applications of roommates or co-applicants for a rental, and whether they meet the owner’s minimum rental criteria, credit scores of tenant applications will be combined to calculate a weighted average credit score (weighted based upon percentage of applicant group’s income).

Example: If Roommate #1 earns $4,500/month and has a 695 credit score and Roommate #2 earns $3,000/month and has a 600 credit score, then:

Combined income = $7,500/mo. Roommate #1 income is 60% and Roommate #2 is 40% so:

(60% x 695) + (40% x 600) = 657 combined weighted average credit score

The tenant screening investigation includes a criminal background screening, limited to sex offender registry information only; all applicants will be screened for registry information. Windermere Property Management/JMW Group considers the entire application on a case by case basis in accordance with the U.S. Supreme Court decision and HUD guidelines. We consider prior convictions limited to those appearing on a local, state, or national registry only in compliance Fair Credit Reporting Act and rules of Washington. Any registry history will be evaluated in consideration of when the crime occurred, the number and types of convictions, the age of the individual at the time of convictions, what the underlying conduct entailed, including the nature and severity, and/or what the rental applicant has done since the conviction.

Any supplemental information related to the individual’s rehabilitation, good conduct, and additional facts or explanations provided by the individual should be attached to the application or otherwise sent to the landlord for consideration with the application.

If you require more time to complete the application, either due to requiring language assistance or disability, you have t the right to request more time. The landlord is required to give reasonable accommodation in these circumstances. Please provide proof of the need for assistance and let the property manager know so he or she can take note of your place in line and provide accommodations accordingly.