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Spring Cleaning for your Rental Property

Proactive spring cleaning for your rental property: A quick guide to a spring inspection of your property investment.

It’s time to clean out your home for spring. The sun is out later in the evening, and we’re able to assess the damage of winter. But don’t forget about your rental property, because your tenants might not be taking the appropriate preventative measures to keep the house and property in tip-top shape for this renewal season.

Give your tenants 2 days’ notice, and inspect the property, don’t forget these three things to look for.

Filters, Vents & Drains, oh my!


Unless you know what you’re doing, send out an HVAC company to check on the furnace filters and ventilation systems in your house. It’s an important step to reduce dust and build up and prevent fires. Don’t forget your AC units, make sure to change the filter & spray the outside of the condenser with a hose (not a pressure washer).


Put a piece of toilet paper to all your fans and vents to make sure they’re working properly.


While you’re at it, inspect your washer and dryers and sinks and all things that drain.

Check the walls and floors for signs of leakage or build up in the utility room or wherever you store the washer/dryer.

Run the water in sinks and tubs/showers for 30 seconds to a full minute, make sure they’re draining properly. Check your dishwasher drain and make sure it’s free of debris.

Oh my:

If you don’t watch these things, you could be saying “Oh my!” when you have to send someone out there to fix a clog and it sets you back $200+.

Clean up the garden.

Look Down:

Make a day of it with your green thumb, or send a professional out to clear the debris, refresh the top soil, rake the lingering leaves, and tear up those weeds and dead plants that aren’t coming back. Scrub the moss away from your patio and driveway, that will be a slip hazard in the rain.

Look Up:

Don’t forget the gutters! Clogged gutters will cause water to seep into your basement, especially if you have any windows below the ground level.

Getting help:

The earlier the better, you’ll want to get that grass growing ASAP with the rains that are still in store soon, but also because landscapers tend to fill up fast!

Landscapers pricing will depend on the size of the yard/garden area and the amount of work it needs.

Inspect for mold that your tenants might not notice.

Check your crawl space that the plastic sheet is still covering the dirt and that there aren’t any leaks or wet marks. If your pipes freeze, examine those while you’re at it.

Take a look at the window sills and tracks for any sign of mold – this is usually a tenant responsibility to clean but check your lease before asking them to tend to it.

Open and smell the washer – have the tenants run a cleaning cycle with a little bleach to get rid of any mildew smell.

Make sure to peak under the sinks and around toilets and faucets to leaking pipes, new and serious water damage. Water damage under the sink is normal wear and tear, but anything more severe could point to a larger problem that needs to be addressed.

What else do you look for when you annually inspect your investment? Do you have any other spring cleaning tips? Let us know in the comments section!