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An Interview with Ann Lopez

Meet our newest agent, Ann Lopez.

With almost 30 years in property management, Ann joined us about a year ago. She’s hit the ground running – operating out of Kirkland, she’s already found her niche in North Seattle.

I wanted to know how it was going since she began at Windermere, here’s the Q&A:

What’s it like working with JMW Group|Windermere Property Management?

I think JMW Group/Windermere is the perfect combination of autonomy and support. They support your goals, whether you want to work full time or part time. I think that’s appealing to people with young children, or as a second job. Another thing I really appreciate is the innovative marketing and branding strategies you all are constantly working on.

How is Windermere different or the same as other firms you’ve worked for in the past?

I think what’s different about Windermere is the education that’s offered. Windermere also has a different philosophy. Like, the Ninja philosophy, but also the concept of giving to and helping the community.

Do you find that you are given more opportunities with Windermere?

Yes. Like I said, they get to know your priorities and goals. So if you want to build your business, they give you the leads, the education and the support, to be as successful as you want to be. You get out what you put in, and Windermere and JMW Group in particular have given me that opportunity to grow my business on my own.


Work with Ann, shoot her a message.

If this community based business model appeals to you, give us a call and we can chat about career opportunities with us.