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Prevent Major Damage with These Devices

Prevent Major Damage with these $30 Devices

4 devices around $30 that protect your rental from maintenance issues

Normal wear and tear happens to all rentals, but the major disasters, like leaks and frozen pipes, those are the ones that Landlords and Tenants are all trying to avoid.

We searched the web for those devices that do more than repair, but prevent the common, and costly, issues in your rental.

Some of these are smart gadgets that connect to your phone, others you can turn on, and forget. At around $30, these devices are a great investment in the protection of your rental, whether you’re the Landlord or the Tenant.   


Leak Detector

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This leak detector is small enough to fit under your fridge or washer machine and sensitive enough to notify you of any water it touches.

It uses a battery, which you can monitor from your iPhone or Android via WiFi connection.








Humidity Gauge & Room Thermometer

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If you’re worried about mold in the home – whether you just fixed a leak or have sensitivities, this humidity detector is an early warning to possible growth.

Mold needs cold moisture to breed. Watching the moisture and humidity in your house, along with the temperature, is a great way to prevent mold growth.  







Pipe Heating Cable

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Do your pipes always freeze? What a pain, especially for tenants who have to keep an eye on them all winter. Preventative tips like dribble your water constantly and keep a space heater nearby just in case, just don’t cut it for those of us busy enjoying the winter weather.

This cable wraps around your pipes and keeps them just above freezing.

It comes I all lengths, and plugs into the wall, using cheap electricity. So you can set it and forget it, keeping your peace of mind while you’re on the slopes.  







Fire Alarm/CO Detector That Can Connect to Your Smart Phone

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“What good is your fire alarm if no one is there to hear it?” That’s what one reviewer mentioned, and what a great point.

When they were alerted on their phone of smoke in their home, they called the fire department who removed a smoldering object.

Besides the smoke damage, the home is unharmed thanks to this little Z-Wave connected Fire Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Detector.