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Meet JMW Group Agent Alan Bonaci

A Q&A with our agent, Alan Bonaci.

How long have you been in property management? How long have you been with JMW Group?

Almost 20 years now and with JMW Group for 12! 

What’s the best part about working in Property Management?

I enjoy the lifestyle it affords me. I have financial freedom, as well as the freedom to set my own schedule. 


What’s a question you get asked all the time about what you do?

I get asked a lot about the laws and new regulations that are coming up in the news, I’m lucky enough to have the support from my office to keep updated with all the news in the industry. 


How do you answer that question?

Like I said, I am lucky to have support so that I can stay updated on the laws and regulations so I’m usually able to talk to the laws and their specific situation.


What’s the advice you give all your clients?

Easy – Buy low, sell high.


What do you wish property investors knew before they talk to you?

The Seattle market is really expensive and doesn’t typically work well as an investment property. I advise potential clients to search north or south of Seattle for affordable investments in real estate.


In what neighborhoods do you mostly work?

I mostly work in Seattle as well as South Puget Sound up to Federal Way.


When you have free time, how do you spend it?

My hobbies include tasting whiskey and I like to smoke a cigar on occasion.