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Haunted Rental Stories

The following are stories from our agents and their experiences with the supernatural. Working in Property Management, we are in and out of homes all day. We work with agents in and out of our office to show units to new tenants, and handling move-in and move-out inspections. We like to say we’ve seen it all. 

But what about the things, we can’t see? 



Chased Out of a U-District Home

Rebecca did a move-in inspection for our agent Jay LaBrie in the U-District. She had this to say about her experience:

“[It was] just a super creepy house. It’s an old farmhouse style home built in like 1901 and almost all of it is original, hardwood floors, fireplace, banisters, etc. I did a move in there years back and it is the only house that gave me a feeling that I shouldn’t be there. The upstairs was the worst – I wouldn’t even go up with the new tenants after my initial inspection because I felt chased out. I’ve probably been in 1000 houses over the years and it is the only one I wouldn’t go back to.”

Rebecca Farmer











A Ghostly Figure



While taking marketing photos for a home, our agent Nicki Callahan had this experience:

“[The other day], I was taking photos of a house and [the day after] I looked at the images for the first time. [Some context], I was wearing a black and white dress with a sort of beige hat. I did not see this white “figure” as I was taking photos – you can clearly see it also has a reflection in the mirror. I am standing facing the wall when I am taking the photo, the mirror is to the left, and considering my outfit, there’s no way this is me. What do you think – I am kind of creeped out – do you think it is a ghost? Is there another explanation? AUGH…….”


Nicki Callahan









Childhood Trauma


Ann shared this story:

I managed a property in Innis Arden. It was held in trust and the attorney hired me to lease and manage the property. The house had been owned by his client’s parents. I met with the daughter to do the initial inspection.  Other than that, she wasn’t supposed to have much to do with the management of the property. The daughter was nice, a little odd. She started contacting me a lot and I was having communication problems with her. I called the attorney to explain the problems I was having, with her. He explained that she has mental health issues, due to a childhood trauma.

Turns out, when she was a young girl, she found her parents, dead in the downstairs of the home. Her father shot her mother before hanging himself.

I always felt creepy, in the downstairs and garage. I didn’t like going down there. The rest of the house was okay. I didn’t feel the need to disclose all of that to the new tenant. She ended up living there for a couple years.

One day the tenant came into the office to pay rent and asked about the history of the house. I asked her why she asked. She said she thought the house was haunted. She said candles would light themselves, at night. The entertainment system would turn on by itself, in the middle of the night and other odd things around the house.  She would feel like she and her baby were being watched. She felt a presence in the house but it wasn’t a scary/menacing presence. After I explained what had happened in the house, she thought it was the spirit of the owner’s mother. I completely believe her!

Ann Lopez