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Agent Profile: Jay LaBrie


Get to know JMW Group agent, Jay LaBrie:


How long have you been in property management? How long have you been with JMW Group?

We just reached 11 years!


What’s the best part about working in Property Management?

Happy Hour with our coworkers! Haha, kidding! I like being able to get out of the office and meet new owners and tenants. I feel like I have a lot to offer owners, and can maximize their profits, while minimizing their costs. We work in a fast pace industry, and every day brings many new challenges.


What’s the best part about working with JMW Group?

We have great support from Windermere as well as our staff! It’s so great to know they have my back and can help me when I need it. Also, the name recognition which helps get your foot in the door to prospective owners.


What’s a question you get asked all the time about what you do?

The question I get asked all the time is: “How much is our cost for Property Management, and what do we offer versus the competition.”


How do you answer that question?

I normally start with why our services are greater than the competition, and the benefits of hiring us/me.


What’s the advice you give all your clients?

I think having a great property manager to work with is an important part of owning investment property. I try and let them know they can trust me and Windermere to take care of their large investment.


What do you wish property investors knew before they talk to you?

How difficult our job is in relations to what we charge. There’s a lot that goes into managing property other than collecting rent. I handle leasing as well as maintenance, which isn’t always cut and dry.


In what neighborhoods do you mostly work?

I work all over! But I like Kirkland, Redmond, Bellevue, Issaquah. I like in Kirkland, so it feels like my backyard. I know the in’s and out’s, which helps especially when tenants are new the area and looking for a little help to feel more connected to their neighbors, and find the best places to go out.


What’s your favorite thing(s) about those neighborhoods?

My favorite thing is that it’s so close to where I live. But besides that, the east side is generally nice and clean, great neighborhoods, and we have a lot of growing businesses.


When you have free time, how do you spend it?

Anything when my kids are in town! That’s something they run for sure! Other than that, I like to go hiking, to the gym, dinners out and travel as much as possible.