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3 Tips to Effectively Market Your Rental

Living Room with black, brown, and taupe furniture.

Image Source: Canva

Most property managers/landlords can attest to how tiring and time consuming the leasing process can be when it’s time to place your rental on the market once again. Fortunately, there are some tried and true methods proven to help things go a little smoother and save you some valuable time! Here are some small tips that can make a world of difference in getting your rental leased quickly and effectively:


  1. Always include high quality photos of your rental!

You might be surprised to see the amount of rental properties photos on the internet that have low quality images displayed. Poorly it, blurry or narrow shots of your beautiful home won’t attract even a fraction of the interest that clear, bright and ample listing photos will! Interior and exterior shots are vital as well as wide angle shots of each room in the rental. Have something that makes your unit particularly desirable? Make sure to include it as well as ensure that your main photo represents your rental at it’s very best as this is typically the first photo displayed and captures the viewers interest, which prompts them to explore the listing further!


  1. Create a virtual tour video to showcase your property online!

Virtual tours can be an incredible tool that provides a huge benefit to renters who may either have time constrictions, COVID-19 related concerns, or who are relocating to the area. A virtual tour can be easily created by using the video feature on your smart phone or tablet and then uploading to any of the free video sites and including the link in your listings. It’s the second-best thing to being able to tour the property in person and a sure-fire way to stand out against other rental listings on the market.


  1. Make sure you include a detailed listing description!

When describing your rental, make sure to list all the pertinent features and then some! Ensure that you included basic information regarding items like parking, appliances that are in the home, laundry, if any utilities are included and any pet restrictions. Many renters will skip over your listing if they do not see what they’re looking for in the listing description, and few will reach out with questions regarding this. Consider also including nearby transit information, as well as nearby activities like parks, restaurants, and shopping.