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Why You Shouldn’t Paint with Pantone’s Color of the Year

Image Source: Canva

Trends come and go, just as tenants rent and vacate, but property investors are in it for the long haul which is why it’s important for property investors to keep their priorities straight for their unit. Each tenant is different, they have different communication styles, different standards of living, and each comes with their own aesthetic. When looking for a new home, tenants are looking for a place where their current furniture can live alongside them.

While some may love a great accent wall, most of them don’t expect to see that in their rental home – mainly because that’s not the typical practice. They’re likely coming from a white or beige rental, looking for the next white or beige rental home.

Should a property investor make the mistake of using yearly trends, like Pantone’s Color of the Year, in the home, they are missing out on tenants who are looking for a more basic palette so that their home decor can easily move from their current place to the new one. A homeowner might love Classic Blue and find that it’s a great color for the home, but it’s a mistake to force that upon future tenants who will avoid or turn down a potential home if that color doesn’t work with their furniture and décor.

By adding color to your rental, you significantly narrow your tenant base to the few who just so happen to be okay with a blue wall anywhere in their home. It’s more likely the tenants won’t consider your rental if they feel the space isn’t going to be able to easily mesh their personal style with a bright color like that – especially one they can’t change.

While white might be bland, it creates a blank canvas for tenants to make their own. There are not many tenants out there who will be mad about white walls – as white paint tends to brighten the space, making it feel bigger as light reflects off the paint, and allows them to easily bring in their own things.