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Painting Your Rental

How Often Should You Re-Paint?

The short answer is: every three to five years.

The long answer is: it depends on the wear and tear on your walls. This is where regular inspections of your home will help you plan for your future. Consider checking in on the condition of your rental at least once a year, if not every 6 months, so you can determine if there are any items that need to be addressed, including the walls.

Of course, paint is much easier in an empty place, so re-painting will likely happen between tenants. By recognizing the lifestyle of your tenants, especially if they’ve hung anything up on the walls while they’ve lived there, as well as how long they lived in your rental, you will be able to predict whether you will need to paint when they decide to leave.

Remember, normal wear and tear will be a key factor in determining if you should charge the tenants for the paint, or if it’s your responsibility. For example, if your lease says they cannot mount a TV, but they did, that will be something they have to pay for at lease that wall. But if there are normal scratches and dirt, or they lived there for 3-5 years, that will be the landlord’s responsibility.


What Colors Should You Use?

In order to attract the most potential occupants, stick to neutral colors.

A neutral wall will let the tenant decorate how he or she likes, letting their inspiration draw from their style, rather than a colorful wall.

If you have a smaller space, consider white walls to make the rooms feel brighter, and therefore, bigger. As the light bounces off the walls, it will give the space an airier feel, even if it is a small room.

Do not paint your home based on the latest trends. Trends are passing, but you are hoping your tenants stay for a few years. Give them a timeless space in which they can grow.