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Landlord Liability Issues

The idea of being a property owner and generating passive income from rentals can be alluring and when properly managed lucrative.  At the same time, there are a number of responsibilities that come with being a landlord and it is important that you are both aware of them and attending to them. Here are some […]
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Man with his back to us cleans glass fence panels with a squidgy.

A Landlord’s Spring Cleaning To-Do List

  Spring Cleaning your Rental Property Some things to remember for your Spring inspection of your Rental. The sun is shining a little longer after you get home these days, and you’re starting to notice those cobwebs you didn’t see all winter, and that the closet has really gotten away from you. It’s time to […]
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Close up of a woman's hands with a watch on one of her wrists, like she's watching the clock.

Timing the Rental Market

When you are ready to put your rental on the market, knowing when to start marketing it is crucial to finding great long-term tenants. Poor timing could put you at risk for an extended vacancy and having your listing become ‘stale’, so read on to find best practices to time your rental right for your […]
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Tasks to Tackle Before Temperatures Plummet

By JWM Group | October 17, 2019

  The following article was contributed for our republication by WinterizeGuys.  The work involved in carrying out their tips for maintaining your home in the winter may fall on a landlord, or on a tenant, depending on the item and on your lease.  Either way, it’s important to manage the process and ensure that someone […]

How to Hire the Right Vendor

By JWM Group | September 20, 2019

Need a good handyman or Sub-contractor? Use these questions to start your interview with a potential vendor. They will help you protect your investment property, both structurally and financially. Having a vendor list you can trust is crucial for maintaining your investment property while staying within your budget. If you know they’re going to get […]

How to Select the Right Property Manager

By JWM Group | September 5, 2019

  Looking for a Property Manager to manage your investment property? These tips will help guide your search for the right agent to manage your investment.    Carefully selecting the right property manager is one of, if not the, most important step of owning and success an investment property.  Having the right property manager will […]

An Opportunity for Landlords: ADU’s

By JWM Group | July 25, 2019

Seattle City Council’s recent vote gives homeowners more flexibility to rent their Additional Dwelling Units (ADU’s) or Detached Additional Dwelling Units (DADU’s) and less barriers to build new ADU’s.   Here’s what the legislation does: Increases the number of dwelling units allowed per lot from 1 to 2 units. Either 2 Attached ADU’s or 1 […]


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