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Living Room with neutral furniture.

Painting Your Rental

How Often Should You Re-Paint? The short answer is: every three to five years. The long answer is: it depends on the wear and tear on your walls. This is where regular inspections of your home will help you plan for your future. Consider checking in on the condition of your rental at least once […]
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4 family members, 2 little girls and their parents, are eating holiday dinner with blurred holiday decorations in the background.

Hosting at Your Rental Amid COVID-19 this Holiday Season

    We by no means encourage hosting anyone for the holidays this year. This blog is meant to offer suggest ways to stay safe and healthy this holiday season amid what appears to be a third wave of COVID-19. Maybe you have family coming into town or maybe you’re the family going to visit […]
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Your Fall Rental To-Do List

Fall Proactive Cleaning for your Rental Here are some proactive things you can do to your rental property to prepare it for the fall & winter seasons. Your rental lease with the tenants probably lays out maintenance responsibilities along the lines of ‘tenants are responsible for the furnace filter and light bulbs, and the owner […]
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Clean out your storage space and make more money!

By JWM Group | January 9, 2020

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution to de-clutter your life? What about make more money? Complete both by cleaning out that storage unit you call your rental! Many of our owners use the garage or shed at their rental as storage for those items that are rarely used. Some owner even use it to […]

Hosting Guests in your Rental Over the Holidays

By JWM Group | December 12, 2019

  Maybe you have family coming into town or maybe you’re the family going to visit for the Holidays. Keep your family safe and healthy with this guide. We’re thinking outside the box for you so you can think about what really matters, the food and the beverages.  If the host lives in a rental […]

Agent Profile: Jay LaBrie

By JWM Group | November 21, 2019

  Get to know JMW Group agent, Jay LaBrie:   How long have you been in property management? How long have you been with JMW Group? We just reached 11 years!   What’s the best part about working in Property Management? Happy Hour with our coworkers! Haha, kidding! I like being able to get out […]

Haunted Rental Stories

By JWM Group | October 31, 2019

The following are stories from our agents and their experiences with the supernatural. Working in Property Management, we are in and out of homes all day. We work with agents in and out of our office to show units to new tenants, and handling move-in and move-out inspections. We like to say we’ve seen it […]

Tasks to Tackle Before Temperatures Plummet

By JWM Group | October 17, 2019

  The following article was contributed for our republication by WinterizeGuys.  The work involved in carrying out their tips for maintaining your home in the winter may fall on a landlord, or on a tenant, depending on the item and on your lease.  Either way, it’s important to manage the process and ensure that someone […]

Rebecca Farmer JMW Group Windermere Property Management Headshot

Meet JMW Group Agent Rebecca Farmer

By JWM Group | October 4, 2019

  Get to know JMW Group Agent Rebecca Farmer:   How long have you been in property management? How long have you been with JMW Group? I’ve been at JMW Group for 12 years, I started as office admin. After 4 years here, I started working as a leasing agent and property manager.   What’s […]

How to Hire the Right Vendor

By JWM Group | September 20, 2019

Need a good handyman or Sub-contractor? Use these questions to start your interview with a potential vendor. They will help you protect your investment property, both structurally and financially. Having a vendor list you can trust is crucial for maintaining your investment property while staying within your budget. If you know they’re going to get […]

How to Select the Right Property Manager

By JWM Group | September 5, 2019

  Looking for a Property Manager to manage your investment property? These tips will help guide your search for the right agent to manage your investment.    Carefully selecting the right property manager is one of, if not the, most important step of owning and success an investment property.  Having the right property manager will […]

Service Animals in Rentals

By JWM Group | August 22, 2019

Is it a pet or service animal? There’s a difference!   If your recent tenant applicant told you they have a service animal, you’d likely looked into what that means, especially if they didn’t have an obvious need. According to HUD, Service animals and Emotional Support Animals (E.S.A.’s) are not pets, they are working animals […]

Meet JMW Group Agent Alan Bonaci

By JWM Group | August 8, 2019

A Q&A with our agent, Alan Bonaci. How long have you been in property management? How long have you been with JMW Group? Almost 20 years now and with JMW Group for 12!  What’s the best part about working in Property Management? I enjoy the lifestyle it affords me. I have financial freedom, as well […]


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