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All Posts Vacant Listings Vacant Listings   If your rental has been sitting on the market, vacant, for what seems like forever, you’re not alone. It’s that time of year and we’re not going to see it let up until March, when the busy season starts to pick back up. So, while you’re sitting with a vacant home, it’s […]
All Posts Hosting Guests for the Holidays Hosting Guests for the Holidays: A Guide Maybe you have family coming into town or maybe you’re the family going to visit for the Holidays. Keep your family safe and healthy with this guide. We’re thinking outside the box for you so you can think about what really matters, the food and the beverages.  If […]
All Posts Fall Proactive Cleaning for your Rental Fall Proactive Cleaning for your Rental Here are some proactive things you can do to your rental property to prepare it for the fall & winter seasons. Your rental lease with the tenants probably lays out maintenance responsibilities along the lines of ‘tenants are responsible for the furnace filter and light bulbs, and the owner […]
All Posts Market your Rental Property like a Pro Market your Rental Property like a Pro So, you’ve decided to rent out your home! Congratulations on this big next step in your financial plan! Owning a rental property can be a rewarding experience; a fulfilling way to earn a little passive income while providing shelter for someone, while hopefully watching your property’s value appreciate. […]
All Posts Rent Prices are Dropping: It’s that time of the year. Rent Prices are Dropping: It’s that time of the year. It’s always the same, around this time of year all the news articles will exclaim that rent prices are dropping! They will fail to explain, however, that this is typical for this time of the year. We already touched on the best time to rent […]
All Posts Small Claims Court & Your Rental Properties You work hard to manage your property well in order to avoid litigation and the stress of going to court. That said, if you manage rental properties for long enough, chances are that disputes will arise. Going to court is typically a last resort, but there are times when Landlords and Tenants should recognize that they’re simply […]
All Posts Grilling: A Cautionary Tale Grilling: A Cautionary Tale Tenants and homeowners alike will likely fire up the grill this weekend for Labor Day. This week we wanted to cover some safety regarding your BBQ party, especially when you’re hosting at your rental home. It’s something you’ll see in the newspaper and everyone thinks the same two things; First, “They […]
All Posts An Interview with Ann Lopez Meet our newest agent, Ann Lopez. With almost 30 years in property management, Ann joined us about a year ago. She’s hit the ground running – operating out of Kirkland, she’s already found her niche in North Seattle. I wanted to know how it was going since she began at Windermere, here’s the Q&A: What’s […]
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All Posts More Families Renting Rather than Buying More families than ever are renting instead of buying. Between 2006 and 2016, 1.9 million more families* in the U.S. were renting their home at the time of the census, a 16% increase in just 10 years. In that same 10-year time frame, Seattle saw 40,000 more households with minor children renting, and a decrease […]
All Posts Preparing to Rent a Home Preparing to rent a home: So, you’ve graduated, or you’re moving from your parent’s place for the first time. Here’s what you need to get in shape before you go apartment hunting: Your credit score(s). Use a free credit company to check your credit score. If it’s in the poor range, these sites often have […]
All Posts What to Consider When You're Considering a Micro-Unit Considering a Micro-Unit? The price of a micro-unit will definitely peak your interest. But, is it a good fit for you? It’s important to consider the pros and cons before you make the move to a micro-unit since they come with a specific set of unique attributes. Let’s dive into the pros and cons and […]
All Posts Need a Good Vendor: A Guide Need a good handyman or Sub-contractor? Use these questions to start your interview with a potential vendor. They will help you protect your investment property, both structurally and financially. Having a vendor list you can trust is crucial for maintaining your investment property while staying within your budget. If you know they’re going to get […]
All Posts Service Animals in Rentals Is it a pet or service animal? There’s a difference! Service animals and Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are not pets.  Tenants who have them are protected by HUD laws. Much like you wouldn’t ask someone what their prescription is for, you can’t ask the tenant what they suffer from that requires an animal. Here’s how […]
All Posts Rent Prices Have Failed to Keep Up with Surging Property Values Rental prices are not keeping up with home sale values. Taking into consideration the current market and recent property tax increases in our area, it’s not hard to see that these two linked industries depend on each other more than people tend to realize. When Landlords sell, they will sell at a market price. This […]
All Posts Spring Cleaning for your Rental Property Proactive spring cleaning for your rental property: A quick guide to a spring inspection of your property investment. It’s time to clean out your home for spring. The sun is out later in the evening, and we’re able to assess the damage of winter. But don’t forget about your rental property, because your tenants might […]
All Posts Three Rookie Mistakes to Avoid Don’t make these rookie mistakes! Avoid a sticky situation with your tenants by following these three rules to property management. Make sure you are following the laws of your location, renting your house out isn’t easy, but don’t make it harder on yourself than it needs to be. Rookie Mistake: Not making tenants formally apply. […]
All Posts Timing the Rental Market Knowing when to market your property is half the battle. Profitably managing a rental property depends in large part on timing. First off – a landlord’s potentially largest variable expense is vacancy. I say ‘potential’ because the goal is to therefore have a vacancy rate approach zero. This is achievable by pricing a property correctly and […]